Business Intelligence Analytics

Intelligent Systems for Businesses

Our Intelligent Systems for Businesses have helped many innovative organizations achieve their organizations, goals for business development. Our systems increase their operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Vehicle Tracking Systems and Traffic Condition Analysis Systems

Our Vehicle Tracking System is capable of providing daily or hourly statistics on the count, speed, and density of vehicles in specified areas. It also has the ability to analyze real-time traffic conditions. It identifies vehicles according to type, colors, and brand. Statistics generated by the system helps you analyze traffic patterns leading to better planning and management of traffic.

Population Tracking System

Our population Tracking System detects and tracks faces and counts unique visitors. The system provides demographic information for analysis and market surveys. Organizations have used our Population Tracking System to improve foot traffic for department stores and for public and private buildings. The system can be used in public places to scan for nuwated individuals if necessary.

Automated Gate Systems: License Plate Recognition System

The Automated Gate System combines license plate recognition with automated gate controlling in a variety of locations such as housing communities and public and private parking lots. The system allows registered vehicles to pass through automated barrier gates.


Parking Space Management System

Our Parking Space Management System can scan and manage large outdoor parking areas. It keeps track of parking space availability in real time. The system is connected to LED boards and a mobile application providing parking information for drivers.


Heat Map Analysis for Stores

Heat Map Analysis for Stores is an insight data analysis system that tracks customer movements within the store and the amount of time spent in each area. Our system can help businesses optimize decisions on store layout, product placement, and promotion placement.