Customized Video Analytics

Innovation for the Future, Transforming CCTV Systems, Increasing Accessibility with CCTV, Customization for Your Needs

Business organizations and government agencies are adopting image and video analytic technology (Image processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning) for enriching business operations and improving performance. For instance, violation detection for improving road safety has been adopted by the traffic police officers, facial recognition for passenger safety is being adopted by airline companies, and consumer behavior analysis is adopted for commercial purposes.

Increasing CCTV camera ability with our systems

We provide Video Analytic systems in a wide variety of categories. Our solutions can be easily integrated with existing IP cameras that have appropriate resolution and setup locations. Our systems are capable of performing real-time detection of humans, vehicles, and other objects as necessary. Our systems will help increase the efficiency of your business operations and the statistical accuracy of your business decisions.

Customized Solutions

In response to customer’s diverse needs for video analytic solutions, we can customize our software to meet your requirements, including integration with existing enterprise information systems and existing business workflows.