Human Analytics

Advanced Face Scanning Technology

Advanced Face Scanning Technology captures individuals’ facial features, emotion, and clothing for analysis. Organizations used the technology to improve security, customer service, and marketing insight. Our technology features can help customize consumer experience and improve efficiency.

Face Detection Database

Our system can detect facial elements and store the information to enable historical search and other purposes.

Individual Face Recognition

The system can compare facial pictures with the pictures from a database. The accuracy depends on the quality of the database, camera position, and environmental suitability. Users can identify people in order to raise alerts, track arrival and departure time, or keep the data for later use.

Age and Gender Classification

Our Age and Gender classification System will efficiently sort individuals into target groups based on age and gender.

Consumer Analysis for Digital Signage using Age and Gender Classification System

The Age and gender classification system can be combined with digital signage. The data can be used for advertising and marketing purposes. Users can customise the digital signage to match a target group.

Intrusion or Prohibited Area

The system can detect intruders in a prohibited area in real-time, assisting security personnel in efficiently controlling a secure area.