Road Safety Management

Road Safety Management System

Our road safety management system is an integrated system that detects traffic violations with image and video evidence to assist police officers and improve road safety. The system collects evidence on reckless driving and automatically sends data to a centralized system. Using this centralized system, police officers can review evidence on each incident and issue warnings or traffic violations (tickets). All evidence reporting in the system is done in real time. This system helps enforce road safety rules and regulations efficiently, improving the safety of citizens.

Speed Limit Violation Detection

Our system can detect vehicles driving over a given speed limit using laser detectors. The system captures high-resolution photos of a speeding vehicle as well as its license plate number. This information can be sent to an automated ticketing system for further action.

Motorcycle Helmet Violation

Our Motorcycle Helmet Violation System detect motorcycle riders who are not wearing helmets, gathering images and video evidence about the violators. The system can detect violations by both rider and passengers automatically. Collected information can be sent to an automated ticketing system for further action.

Red-Light Violation Detection

Our Red-Light Violation Detection detects vehicles violating a red light, capturing detailed evidence using images captured before, during, and after an incident. Video evidence is saved as further evidence to prove the violation. All information captured can be sent to an automated ticketing system for further action.

Driving Against Traffic Flow

Our system uses IP cameras to detect the movement of vehicles on the road, enabling officers to control proper route direction. The system further detects vehicles driving against traffic flow by recording images and video as evidence for further action.

Lane Change Detection

Sudden lane changes by drivers are one of the primary causes of road accidents and traffic congestions. Drivers who violate this safety rule and stopped on the road by traffic officers may cause further traffic congestion and accidents. Our system detects lane-change violations automatically in a given area and captures images and video as evidence. The evidence and license plate details of violating vehicles are automatically sent to police officers or our Automated Ticketing System for further action.

Parking Violation Detection

Citizens’ safety may be hindered when drivers park their vehicles in no-parking areas, leading to road accidents as well. Our system detects vehicles parked in no-parking areas and records images and other details necessary as evidence for taking further action.

Automatic Ticketing System

The Automatic Ticketing system is used by police officers to review evidence of traffic violation incidents reported by any of our road safety management video analytics. Further, using the systems police officers can automatically generate traffic violations to be sent to violators’ home addresses. The Automatic Ticketing System is integrated with a banking payment acceptance module as well. All evidence data sent to the system by analytics are stored and easily retrievable on special request made by drives during traffic violation ticket settlements.